Not satisfied with the item quality, size or delivery?

You can return your item by following these simple steps

Return / Replacement Criteria


  • Thing is physically harmed/faulty
  • Changes from the depiction
  • Wrong thing conveyed
  • Wrong style
  • Wrong size
  • Wrong amount
  • Missing parts/frill
  • Disappointed with the thing

Things which can be returned

  • All Items aside from:
  • Gadgets
  • Infant Care
  • Aromas and scents
  • Consumables
  • Pet sustenance
  • Vehicle care and purifiers
  • Cartridges and Toners
  • Redone things
  • Computerized Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Cloths
  • Wellbeing, health and prescription
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Melodic Instruments
  • Sustenance and enhancements
  • Office Equipment
  • Online Education
  • Tires and Alloys

Terms & Conditions

Electronic things: Upon receipt of your arrival ask for, we will orchestrate a quality check to look at the dissension of the item being flawed/imperfect. Upon fruitful approval of the protestation we will process your demand for return/supplanting with respect to the flawed/blemished electronic item(s). The profits/substitutions will be acknowledged for just those things which are observed to be flawed/inadequate.

For particular sorts of imperfections revealed, we may require a record from the brand/OEM's administration focus affirming that the conveyed thing was blemished.

Things that you return ought not be utilized, adjusted/altered or dirtied. All unique pressing, marks, labels, pamphlets, manuals, guarantee/ensure cards, frill, for example, belts, locks, ties, and so on ought to be unblemished. The dispatch won't acknowledge your thing without these.

A few things are bound by the brand's particular strategies with respect to fix, trade and returns. These strategies will tie on the client.

Substitutions will rely upon the accessibility of the thing.

Discount or substitution will be started once we get your thing and go it through the important quality checks.

The accompanying things are non-refundable and non-replaceable: Vitamins and Minerals, Proteins and Sports Nutrition, Books, Paints, Ayurveda and Organic Products, Family Nutrition, Pharmacy Products, Health and Safety Utilities, Hospital and Medical Equipment, Alternative Health Therapies, E-Shisha, Respiratory Care, Supports and Rehabilitation, Beauty and Personal Care, Household Essentials, Fragrances, Lingerie Accessories, Oil and Additives, Car Care and Fresheners, Pet Supplies, Gift Sets, Perfume, Deodorants, Innerwear, Socks, Educational Devices, Diapers, Cartridges and Toners, Memory Cards, Graphic card, Processor, RAM, Motherboard.

Things sold as sets/combos can't be traded or returned separately.

The accompanying things are qualified for Replacement: Power banks, Laptop Batteries, Internal Hard drives, Computer Components, External Hard Disks, Projectors, Tires and Alloys, Bean Bags, Home Security, Headphones and Earphones, Iron, Personal Care Appliances, Printers and Scanners, Air Conditioner, Air Conditioners Portable AC, Air Conditioners Split AC, Air Conditioners Window AC, Air Conditioners Tower AC, Air Conditioners Cassette AC, Air Conditioners Cube AC, Laptops, Monitors, Televisions, Home Theater Systems, Air Coolers, Refrigerator, Washing Machines and Dryers, Outdoor Utility Appliances, Bicycle's Accessories, Note Counters and Paper Shredders, Labeling and Stamping Machine, Laminators and Binders, POS Equipment, Refrigerator, Washing Machines and Dryers, Microwave Ovens and OTGs, Vacuum Cleaners, Air Purifiers and Humidifiers, Memory Cards, Inverters and Stabilizers, Geysers and Heating apparatuses, Fans, Data Cards, Desktops, Keyboard, Routers and Modems, Webcams, Gaming Accessories, Computer Speakers, Headsets with Mic, MP3 and Media Players, Portable Audio Players, Speakers, Stereo Components, Video Players, Chimneys and Hoods, Gas Stoves and Hobs, Weighing Scales and Daily Needs, Massager and Pain Relief, BP and Heart Rate Monitors, Health Monitors and Devices, Contact Lenses, Roti producer and Snack creator.

Renovated and unpacked things must be returned and not supplanted.


In the event that the substitution thing is out of stock, we will discount your sum.

100% Payment Protection

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Discount Modes

We will start discount to the accompanying modes once your thing is gotten by us or the dealer:

Installment mode
Charge card/Debit card/Prepaid Payment Instrument
Financial balance through net managing an account
Money on Delivery*
Discount mode alternatives
Charge card/Debit card/Prepaid Payment Instrument
Financial balance through net managing an account
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