A2Z Metal Nag Naagin Joda in Silver for Kal Sarp Dosha Size 3 cm

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Kaal sarp Yog Puja reduces the ill effects of Kaal sarp Yog. People with this Yoga have a life full of struggle. It causes setbacks in life and creates obstacles in the accomplishment of every job you aspire for. People having Kaal Sarp Dosha should perform puja on Naag Nagin on Nag Panchmi as well as keep an energized Kaal Sarp Yantra in their house to protect themselves from the evil effects of this yoga.

Kaal means death. The person born under Kaal Sarp Yog passes through death like agonies throughout the life. 

If in between Rahu & Ketu all seven planets comes then it is not good. The person who takes birth in this yog suffer from various problems like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc. Rahu is known as snack and Ketu is its tail. All planets comes under the execs of Rahu & Ketu because of which Kaal Sarp Yog is formed in horoscope.

The Naag Nagin Joda potentiated by kalsarpa (Rahu and ketu) mantra. This joda is also beneficial for those who are suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosh.  Nag Nagin Ka Joda is very useful for removing evil effects and protects you from such harmful evil eye.  It is often called as Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran divine tool. This is used for Kaal Sarpa Puja.  This Naag Nagin Joda is also placed in the foundation of the building in the Vastu Pooja at the time of starting construction, and it is believed that it supports long life of the building.

Benefits of Naag Nagin Joda are:  

  • Keeps you away from negative sources.
  • Protects you from evil eye.  
  • Helps you in removing Kaal Sarp Dosh.


  1. Place in foundation of building at time of construction.
  2. Place in Shivling in temple or home.

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  • Metal Nag Naagin Joda
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  • Silver
  • Home Decor - Spiritual & Festive Decor
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  • Basketry
  • Religious Idol & Figurine
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  • Uttarakhand
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