ShopClues ensures that your order is safly deliverd to you within the promised delivery timeline. However, if you have ordered a wron product(s), you may cancel the order through your A2ZBOX Account.


Please Note:

If it is Prepaid Order, the amount will be refunded to you, in accordance with our Refund Policy.

A cancellation request cannot be made after your order is shipped.


Under some rare situations, A2ZBOX or any of our sellers can also raise an order cancellation request. These situations could be –

Product out of stock with the seller

Restrictions on the number of products you can order, as per Terms & Conditions of any Offer/Discount

Incorrect pricing or description of the product

Payment fraud suspicion by our Credit & Fraud Avoidance Department

Incorrect or Incomplete Buyer's Address

Non serviceability of Buyer’s address by our courier partners or sellers of the *Order Transfer Marketplace

*In case of order cancellation by a seller due to non-availability of the product, we would transfer your order to another seller, who can fulfill your requirement.If your order is not fulfilled by our seller after your payment has been done, the paid amount will be refunded to you, in accordance with our Refund PolicyWe will notify you at your registered email address if an order cancellation happens due to any reason. You can also learn about your order status at

We understand that there is some level of anxiety when making a purchase online. To help you make comfortable and smooth purchases, here are a few tips from us:

Explore well about what you want to buy Ultimately everything depends on what your choice of product is. Note down points which you are specifically looking for when buying a product and match it with similar items on A2ZBOX.

Check the product picture and description A2ZBOX has best resolution pictures of products with appropriate and assistive description, to help you understand the product better and be clear about your purchase.