Shiva Kendra Magnetic Therapy Metal Bracelet for Women

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Instructions for using - 

  • Stay away from moisture and direct contact of water
  • Gold is unaffected, however, because of its heat-resistant properties.
  • Maintain some distance from the high magnetic field it can cause high EM waves 

    Helpful for -
    Improves Circulation
    Reduces Inflammation 
    Promote Relaxation
    Better Sleep
    Stylish Looks
    Relieves Pain
    Positive Thinking

    Other General Info related to the concept 
  • Although Gold's electrical conductivity might fall short to some other metals,
  • it has been proven time and time again to be well suited for the electronics fields.
  • Gold's durability is also enhanced when placed over specific metals.
  • These layers can also be built, and coating thickness can vary from project to project.
  • Plating isn't a brand new technique; it's been used for many years. within the age of technology, plating is a lot of necessary than ever.
  • which means that it's runproof to wetness and high temperatures.

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Model Name - 
Magnetic Bracelet for (Controlling Blood Pressure) BP Monitor
Ideal For       - Men, Women
Type              - Bracelet

Color             - Gold - Pink
Base Material - Metal
also available in various color
for more color click the following Red, Blue, Green, Violet

Question: Is this suitable for BP Patient?

Answer: It is usually suggested for the same.