DivineFloor Marking Tape BLUE 24mm x 30 metres

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Product description

Colour: Blue

Floor marking tapes are used for marking areas,

as color codes,


dividers etc in big industrial houses.

Item data 

Shading: Red 

Specialized Details 

Brand    Generic 

Demonstrate Number    FT03 

Colour  blue

Material    PVC 

Producer Part Number    FMTRED_CHILD

Great adaptability and great grip on uneven shapes and unpredictable surfaces 

High holding quality 

Displays superb bond, tack, and great union quality 

Self Adhesive Tape 

Incredible for office and mechanical utilize

Question: Can I use it to stripe paint the walls? If it is too adhesive, it might take some paint off the wall.

Answer: Yes, you can, however, the adhesive is very strong..it might leave a mark on your walls.

Question: Is it sticky .. or need to apply glue before sticking

Answer: Hi, this is self-adhesive tape. No need to apply any kind of adhesive. 

Question: can this be used outdoors in building compounds?

Answer: Yes, you can you use it in the compound. It has very good adhesive.

It is moisture n rain resistant. 

Question: Can I use it as a badminton court line marker?

Answer: Yes you can. 

good quality product