A2Z Heavy Duty Yellow Rubber Disposable Latex Kitchen & Household Cleaning Gloves

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Latex gloves may cause an allergic reaction in some users. If the reaction is suspected,

cease using the product. Not intended to use as a general chemical barrier. Gloves offer

super strength and dexterity, liquid proof protection in the unsupported version.

- Disposable multi-purpose gloves - these gloves were meant for

single use and are safe for general cleaning chemicals, washing dishes,

and touching icky stuff you won’t want on your hands.

- Ambidextrous fitting - you can use each glove on either hand.

- Superior Grip Applications: Household chores, food processing,

cleaning and janitorial - popular general purpose glove, especially

formulated rubber compound

- Natural latex rubber - a suitable protective barrier between cleaning

elements, soil, sand, etc. that protect your hands to help prevent dryness and cracking.

- Powder-free - avoid gross powder build-up around your cuticles and under your fingernails