3M earplugs 1110 Noise Reduction (Pack of 50)

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3M earplugs




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3M earplug 

3M earplug Comfortable for a wide range of ear canal sizes. Test compatible with 3M E-A-Rift Validation System.
 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 29 dB. CSA Class AL.

Its Corded for convenience and to prevent loss of earplugs. Smooth, dirt resistant surface for hygiene
His shaped for short or narrow ear canals. Soft foam earplugs to provide maximum comfort and low pressure inside the ear.

He provides us with better hygiene, durability, and comfort. Tapered design fits comfortably in ear canals. Soft polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic.
Travel noise reduction, Meditation, Sleeping Earplugs
Corded for convenience and to prevent loss of earplugs
Smooth, dirt resistant surface for hygiene
Comfortable for a wide range of ear canal sizes
Noise Reducing Rating: 29 decibels
Download Attachment for Fitting Manual
Roll the Earplug with clean hands into as narrow a tube as you can. Reach over your head with your free hand and pull your ear gently up and slightly out to help open up the ear canal. Insert the rolled up earplug with a slight turning motion until it is well inside your ear canal.

Earplugs are generally safe. Earplugs also cause ear infections. While they can happen due to a buildup of ear wax, it can also cause them.

Disposable foam earplugs may lose elasticity after a single usage; If reused they might not expand properly in the ear and would, therefore, offer less sound reduction than specified by the manufacturer
As the world's first foam earplug, the earplug revolutionized hearing protection in the workplace. Since its introduction more than 40 years ago, no other earplug has been studied and assessed in the field more comprehensively. Explore this site and discover why the earplugs remain one of the most popular choices in the world today for attenuation, comfort, and ease-of-fit.  
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  • Item Weight: 81.6 g
  • Item part number: AREX050
  • ASIN: B01DK4MSM0

Product Specifications

Colour             Orange                                        
Item Weight         80.0  grams
            Manufacturer Series number             AREX050
Material Type         Foam
Size         Pack of 55

Question:- Can you reuse wax earplugs?

Answer:-  In contrast to the workplace, this is certainly possible in the case of private usage. Please ensure that your fingers, ears, and earplugs are clean and dry. 

Question:- Can you put earplugs in too far?

Answer:- When the earplugs go too deep in the ear canal, the earplugs are too small, you need a larger size.