Metal Gold-plated Bracelet

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  • Oxygen is one of the most active elements and can affect the corrosion of certain kinds of metals.
  • Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals, is untouched by moisture and heat, and will not oxidize.
  • These aspects mean gold will not rust against the natural elementsit might be exposed to, and wear will be minimal.
  • Although Gold's electrical conductivity might fall short to some other metals,
  • it has been proven time and time again to be well suited for the electronics fields.
  • Gold's durability is also enhanced when placed over specific metals.
  • Because gold is a malleable material, it is relatively easy to create a thin layer over metals like nickel and create an even more durable surface.
  • These layers can also be built, and coating thickness can vary from project to project.

The coating system takes a semiconductive surface and coats it in a very form of metal.

There area unit gold plating, silver plating, and Rh plating systems and a lot of.

Plating isn't a brand new technique; it's been used for many years. within the age of technology, plating is a lot of necessary than ever.
Plating is employed within the following ways:

To make a less expensive metal look higher. as an example,

you'll be able to take a chunk of bijou manufactured from associate degree alloy of less-expensive metals and coat it with lustrous 18k gold plating.

The bottom metal is reasonable, and you utilize such alittle quantity of the dear metal for the plating that the value stays low.

However, the ultimate product takes on the design of a solid gold piece of bijou.

Gold doesn’t oxidize. element contributes heavily to the corrosion of the many metals, however gold doesn't oxidize. it's the least-reactive of all metals.

which means that it's runproof to wetness and high temperatures.

Gold can inhibition well in several environments and can not soften once subjected to high heat.
Gold has glorious electrical physical phenomenon, that means that it facilitates the transmission of electrical current.

This makes it a significant metal for the industry. once elements heat up because of the passage of electrical current, some metals can soften.

  • Gold is u


Model Name
  • Magnetic Bracelet for (Blood Pressure) BP Monitor
Model Number
  • Magnetic Bracelet for (Blood Pressure) BP Monitor
Ideal For
  • Men, Women
  • Bracelet
  • Gold
Base Material
  • Metal